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Random articles from a puzzled DBA

I take notes all day long as I work with SQL Server. Short scribbles, brief explanations, small novels – all committed to paper or some electronic format as I go through my professional career. The theory is sound and generally quite useful.

Then I find I have so many notes that I have trouble actually finding the stuff. Or I move jobs and leave various documents behind, or buried in the corner of a spare room as evidence of a previous life. It gets to the point that I know I have a note somewhere that may be useful but can’t find it; Google doesn’t work with the pile of A4 binders festering in the corner.

So, what to do about it? One of the most useful tools I find are the blogs of those people that not only can understand a subject but are able to describe it in a way that mere mortals can understand – a talent indeed. This gave me the idea of creating my own blog. Not necessarily to pass on the knowledge (although if it does that then I’ll consider it a bonus) but more to force me to make sensible, presentable notes that I myself can turn to when required.

Sometimes (probably quite a lot of the time, actually) my posts will consist of links for various subjects of interest to myself, generally based on whatever I’m working on at the time. Credit will be given to any pieces that I’ve used for my own articles. Half of the skill in learning something is knowing where to look and I’ll endeavour to show how I’ve pieced something together, because that can be quite useful too and any other material I’ve used also deserves credit.

Anyway, enough waffle. Articles may be sporadic but hopefully will also be of use to others. Time will tell.

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