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In the past I’ve used the ‘add existing package’ option, when opening an existing SSIS package within SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). That was before the appearance of the SSISDB and the Integration Services Catalog. This option doesn’t work, when your dtsx package is within the SSISDB and the solution for this is quite simple – just not where I had been looking.

Working on the principal that there are probably other people out there that have missed the obvious (as I had), this is a short article describing the steps required to do this.


When you need to import a project from the SSISDB into SSDT there is now an option ‘Integration Services Project import Wizard’ within the ‘New Project’ option. This can import from an ‘ispac’ file or directly from a specified Integration Services Catalog:

The initial Import dialog

Select this option and change the name, solution and location details at the foot of the screen (if you need to). Then press OK and a screen explains what this dialog will do. Press ‘Next’and the subsequent screen will ask for either the location of an ispac file, or the server that you want to import the package from. In this case select ‘Integration Services Catalog’, select the server and then the location of the required package from within the catalog:

Provide the Server name and Path of the package

Click ‘Next’ and after a brief wait a screen will provide a summary of the action it will take.

Summary of actions to be taken

Click on the ‘Import’ button and the specified package will now be imported into a new project:

The SSISDB package Imported

The project can now be edited and deployed back to the Integration Services Catalog when required.

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