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So, SQLPass 2013 has finished. Of course, all I read about it from those that attended are good things and having attended the 2012 conference I can believe them.

So, when are you going to start planning for SQLPass November 2014?

Yes, it might be 11 months away but look at what the fees have increased to at that point:
After December 6th it goes up by $300 – almost a third. Then it climbs steadily in several steps from that point onward. That’s a lot of money to save just by making the decision early.

If you’re paying for it yourself (which is how I do it) then that’s more money to be spent on the rest of the organising that goes with this – flights, hotels, food and suchlike.
If your company is paying for it I’m sure they’d appreciate an early request to spend a little less – then you both win.

Of course, paying this early means that you have no idea what the content will be but I wouldn’t worry about that. I’ve held off registering for some of the smaller conferences before, because there may be only a handful of speakers and even less presentations of interest to myself.
But this is the largest event of this type – there is no shortage of high-quality speakers. If you think you have a SQL Server related interest that nobody here can help you with then I suspect quite a few of the speakers would like the challenge of talking to you.

Pay early and then wait to see what you’ve bought – in this case it’s the best way to do it.

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